leyla_swiftieDreams do come true!!! @taylorswift My family is just flawless! They drove 7 hours just to help me met Taylor! ( don’t mind my face) I was like crying and she came over and have me a kiss on the for head and said “awe sweetie!!! I would love to take a picture with you! I will never ever forget how much they do for my dreams to come true!!!!! @taylorswift (x)

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Usually this S represents ‘Swift’ but today I’m wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!! 

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itsmejessicaszohr:) rainy fun day:) (x)



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itsmejessicaszohr#girlslife @amandygriffith @jess_stam @lenadunham @taylorswift @ingridmichaelson @ashavignone@jaime_king @odeyarush1 @sadie_soccer … Thinking about u (x)

amandygriffithThe happiest weekend #familyportrait @jaime_king @taylorswift @ingridmichaelson #emmastone @odeyarush1 @jess_stam @itsmejessicaszohr @lenadunham (x)

jess_stam: Poolside with the girls xo ☀️✌️👯👯💋🌻 @taylorswift @amandygriffith @itsmejessicaszohr #happyfourthofjuly (x)

jaime_kingPortrait of Heaven amongst friends. Taylor, Amanda, Ashley, Dan, Austin, Jessica, Jess, Odeya, Andrew, Emma, Colin, Vicky, Simon & Zac. Shot by @kyle_newman (x)

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taylorswiftMe and @odeyarush1 and the sunset making my hair look red. photo credit: @jaime_king (x)

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Sea stampede.

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When the 4th of July gives you nonstop rain, make a giant slip n slide.

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