[Taylor] owns the US pop scene. She knows how to do it. In England I was a commercially successful artist, but I came to the US as an alternative artist playing shows with Snow Patrol. She [Taylor] not only opened doors for me in the pop world but told me how to do it. You have to do all radio shows at Christmas and do all those sessions. The key is not to lose that.

Ed Sheeran on Taylor Swift

He credits Taylor Swift with his US success  (x)

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Radio stations aren’t going to play you if you show up late. You have to be respectful and do your job. You can guarantee that Taylor will always be professional and polite, and if you want to be as big as her, you have to be just as professional and polite. If you’re not, radio stations will say, ‘Hmmm, he wasn’t very nice to us yesterday, but she was lovely, so we’re going to play her records.’ 
Ed Sheeran on Taylor (x)
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@taylorswift and her brother #AustinSwift were there when @jessedittmartattoo had a photoshoot of @teddysphotos for #NYTimes Magazine @nytimesfashion! (x)

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She’s a massive Law & Order fan. Or is it CSI? It’s one of them—on a continuous loop in the house.
Ed Sheeran on one thing we don’t know about Taylor Swift. (x)
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He played his heart out every night for us on the Red Tour, now let’s go do this for him. Ed Sheeran http://smarturl.it/x-itunesdlx

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Her present to me was a weird one because it must have taken so long to do. It just came out of nowhere! Why Drake? Because the struggle is definitely real. And we all started from the bottom…and now we’re just a little bit higher!
Ed Sheeran on Taylor Swift’s knitted “Drake” needlepoint gift to him. (x)
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I think being a female in the public spotlight, not even just the music industry, whenever you’re pictured with a boy or there’s talk of you being with a boy it instantly means you’ve been with them romantically if not sexually. That’s the biggest misconception with Taylor. She’s a good girl, in every sense. She’s great - I’d say 0.01 per cent of the stories written about her are actually true.
Ed Sheeran on misconceptions about Taylor Swift x (via redprincess)
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What I find strange is that if I’d won a Grammy I’d have it placed pristinely on a shelf with loads of lights with underneath written “Grammy Motherfucker” or something like that. Whereas she’s won so many there’s one chilling in the toilet on a little ledge, there’s one in the kitchen and there’s one in the living room. There’s Grammys scattered everywhere. I find that really cool. If I’d won as much as that, I’d scatter them everywhere.
Ed Sheeran on how Taylor Swift displays her Grammy Awards x (via redprincess)
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I don’t think she’s teamed up with anyone; I think she did it all on her own. It’s really good,” Ed said before adding that fans should not expect another Red album. “She has to evolve. If she makes another Red everyone will be like, ‘It sounds like Red.‘ But she’s evolved and I think it’s a positive step.
Ed Sheeran on Taylor’s new album. (x)
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Taylor dancing at Ed’s concert

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