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I sent this voice memo to Ryan Tedder because I always wanted to work with him. And finally, we scheduled some studio time. I always want to be prepared. I wanted to send him the idea I was working on before we went into the studio just in case he wrote back and said, ‘I can’t stand that. I want to work on something else. Think of something else.’ So I just sat down at the piano, put my phone on top of the piano and just kind of explained to him where I wanted to go with the song, how I saw the melody sitting in, and we ended up recording the song the next day and it ended up being on the record, called ‘I Know Places.’
Taylor Swift talking about writing “I Know Places” with Ryan Tedder (x)
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The X Factor Australia (x)

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The X Factor Australia (x)

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Welcome to New York on GMA

The lights are so bright but they never blind me, me.

Welcome to New York. New York!




taylorswift is it really worrying that you didnt come online yesterday and i missed you?

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Taylor Swift talks about ‘Welcome To New York’ from 1989 

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This video happened last night when I was drunk OMG.

watch it I promise you’ll laugh because wow
this is what I do at social gatherings

Oh my God Hailey WHAT. WHAT.
I cannot stop laughing.

"I’m having fun. I’m cool."
One second later..
"I can’t feel my lips. Bdbdbdbdbdbd"
Sticks tongue out repeatedly.
"I’M 21"
Shows ID
"Thanks for being fanttttaaabulousssss"

Enters history books as cutest drunk of all time.

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Smallzy: A ‘quickie’ with Taylor Swift

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tayzin_brothers3: So this just happened…!!!! Thank you to all our fans, we couldn’t have had this unforgettable experience without your on going support and votes. #taymettay #ilovetaylorswift #taylorswift #love #dream 

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