Do you do promotions No, sorry we dont

Can you follow me? No because we are a group tumbler we are unable to follow anyone.

What are Taylor’s the tour dates/upcoming events? http://taylorswift.com/events

What’s Taylor’s mailing list? 
Link should be on her official website at the bottom of the page.

How will I find out about the presale? 
Join her mailing list, you’ll get the presale code and all other information about when tickets go on sale emailed to you a a day or two before the presale

Does Taylor have tumblr/facebook? She doesnt have tumblr. Her only facebook is the official one http://www.facebook.com/TaylorSwift

What’s Taylor fanmail adress? 
Taylor Swift c/o Taylor Swift Entertainment 242 West Main Street PMB 412 Hendersonville, TN 37075 USA

Do you have a download of ______ performance?
Try using http://www.video2mp3.net/ to rip any performances of videos to mp3s. :)

Where do we submit our photos? 
(concert/meet and greet/t party/etc email us at tswiftdaily.tumblr@gmail.com and let u know how to credit you :)

What are the hidden messages in Taylor’s song booklets?
"Tim McGraw" - Can’t Tell Me Nothin’
"Picture To Burn" - Date Nice Boys 
"Teardrops On My Guitar" - He Will Never Know 
"A Place In This World" - I Found It 
"Cold As You" - Time To Let Go 
"The Outside" - You Are Not Alone 
"Tied Together With A Smile" - You Are Loved 
"Stay Beautiful" - Shake ‘N’ Bake 
"Should’ve Said No" - Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam 
"Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)" - Sometimes Love Is Forever 
"Our Song" - Live In Love 

"Fearless" - I Loved You Before I Met You 
"Fifteen" - I Cried While Recording This 
"Love Story" - Someday I’ll Find This 
"Hey Stephen" - Love and Theft 
"White Horse" - All I Ever Wanted Was The Truth 
"You Belong With Me" - Love Is Blind So You Couldn’t See Me 
"Breathe" - I’m Sorry I’m Sorry I’m Sorry 
"Tell Me Why" - Guess I Was Fooled By Your Smile 
"You’re Not Sorry" - She Can Have You 
"The Way I Loved You" - We Can’t Go Back 
"Forever & Always" - If You Play These Games We’re Both Going To Lose 
"The Best Day" - God Bless Andrea Swift 
"Change" - You Made Things Change For Me

Fearless Platinum:

"Jump Then Fall" - Last Summer Was Magical
"Untouchable" - We Always Want What We Can’t Reach 
"Forever & Always" (Piano Version) - Still Miss Who I Thought He Was 
"Come In With The Rain" - Won’t Admit That I Wish You’d Come Back 
"Super Star" - I’ll Never Tell 
"The Other Side Of The Door" - What Was I Really Thinking When I Slammed The Door 

Speak Now:
"Mine" - Toby 
"Sparks Fly" - Portland Oregon 
"Back To December" - Tay 
"Speak Now" - You Always Regret What You Don’t Say 
"Dear John" - Loved You From The Very First Day 
"Mean" - I Thought You Got Me 
"The Story Of Us" - CMT Music Awards 
"Never Grow Up" - I Moved Out In July 
"Enchanted" - Adam 
"Better Than Revenge" - You Thought I Would Forget 
"Innocent" - Life Is Full Of Little Interruptions 
"Haunted" - Still To This Day 
"Last Kiss" - Forever and Always 
"Long Live" - For You


State of Grace - I love you doesn’t count after goodbye
Red - Sag
Treacherous - Won’t stop till it’s over
I Knew You Were Trouble - When you saw me dancing
All Too Well - Maple Lattes
22 - Ashley Dianna Claire Selena
I Almost Do - Wrote this instead of calling.
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - When I stopped caring what you thought
Stay, Stay, Stay - Daydreaming about real love
The Last Time - L.A on your break
Holy Ground - When you came to the show in S.D.
Sad Beautiful Tragic - While you were on a train
The Lucky One - Wouldn’t you like to know
Everything Has Changed - Hyiannis Port
Starlight - For Ethel
Begin Again - I Wear Heels Now 


How do you find the hidden messages? 
In each booklet in the lyrics of each song there are random letters capitalized which spell out the hidden messages for each song. 


How tall is Taylor?5’11” 


Who is each song about? 
Should’ve Said No- Sam (ex boyfriend from high school) 
Hey Stephen- Stephen from Love & Theft 
Forever & Always- Joe Jonas 
The Best Day- her mom 
Change- her label 
Back to December- Taylor Lautner
Dear John- John Mayer 
Long Live - label/band/fans 
Enchanted- Adam Young 
Last Kiss- Joe Jonas
Starlight - Ethel Kennedy
All Too Well - Jake Gyllenhaal
22 - Selena Gomez, Dianna Agron, Ashley Avignone, Claire Kislinger
Begin Again - Will Anderson/
 Jake Gyllenhaal

Jump Then Fall- Joe Jonas 
Better than Revenge- Camilla Belle 
Story of Us- John Mayer 
Haunted- Joe Jonas 
Innocent- Kanye 
Today Was A Fairytale- Lucas Till 
Sparks Fly- Jake Owen 
Mean - critic 
Bob Lefsetz 
Ours - John Mayer 
Superman - John Mayer
State of Grace - Jake Gyllenhaal
Red -
 Jake Gyllenhaal
Treacherous -  Jake Gyllenhaal
I Knew You Were Trouble -  Jake Gyllenhaal
I Almost Do -  Jake Gyllenhaal
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together -  Jake Gyllenhaal
The Last Time -  Jake Gyllenhaal
Sad, Beautiful, Tragic-  Jake Gyllenhaal
Holy Ground - Joe Jonas
Everything Has Changed - Conor Kennedy
The Lucky One- Joni Mitchell (this is a hard one)
The Moment I Knew -  Jake Gyllenhaal
Come Back, Be Here - Harry Styles 

Do the deluxe editions of Speak Now/Red have a different booklet?No 


Can you send me a dl link for any officially released music? No, that would be illegal. 


Is Taylor coming to _______ on tour? 
All performance dates are listed here: http://taylorswift.com/events if they are not there we do not know if she will be coming there

Is Taylor a virgin?/Do you have nudes of her?/What’s her favorite sex position? 
Strangely enough, we are not having sex with her, so these questions cannot be answered by us.


We are not Taylor. How many people run this blog? 2 and we have a third who helps us out too. 


Where do you find your pictures?
Everywhere! Fansites, twitter, myspace, facebook, photobucket, etc etc 


What’s with 2am?
It fits in the songs, she likes that time, idk 


What’s Taylor’s middle name?

What’s with Taylor and the number 13?

she says: “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first #1 song had a 13-second intro,” she said. “Every time I’ve won an award I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter. Basically whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it’s a good thing.” 


Do you know the lyrics to the songs?you can find all the lyrics here http://taylorswift.com/releases 


How do I get into the t-party?
Fans are usually picked at random from the audience. If you want a better chance try dressing up and making creative signs. Try to stand out somehow, just have a good time, sing and dance, be crazy and just have fun! 

What is T-Party?

Taylor talks about it here http://youtu.be/7EyVBcTipZI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38W6kaFMEmg 
Is there a T-Party after every show Yes, usually there will always be a T-Party unless she has to leave right after the concert. 

When is the T-Party?
After the concert 


Where do they pick from from? Do they picks fans from the floor?
i know of fans that have been picked from the floor, 100 sections, and nose bleeds. they look all over. 

How do I get meet and greets?

Radio contests/other types contests or through connections, or by being invited on Taylor Conne
ct (post in your concert section) 

What is the difference between a meet and greet and T-Party?

A Meet and Greet is before the show, and it’s a little bit more rushed. You get to take one professional picture with Taylor with your group. You get a pre-autographed photo after the meet and greet. If you have a gift for Taylor, are you allowed to give that to her in person. T-Party is after the concert, it’s very laid back and not rushed. You get about 5 minutes with Taylor to talk about anything. She signs one thing for you and you get to take one picture with her with you and your group with your own camera. 


Is there a video where Taylor talks about all the song from Red?